Qi Gong is the study of the flow of vital energy within our body. Built on the foundation of vibrant physical health it can be used to develop energy for martial arts or healing.

At first the focus is on basic stretching and strengthening of the whole body in order to free the flow of energy throughout the body. The movements are informed by Chinese medical theory and Taoist philosophy giving the exercise depth and sense of purpose. Standing, sitting and walking meditation is also introduced to enhance overall health of body, mind and spirit.

Regular practice will help develop sensitivity to changes in physical & emotional environment and help us better deal with everyday challenges.

Renato is a 6th Generation disciple of Liu He Zi Ran Men under Master Liu Deming. Please visit www.ziranmen.com for more details about the arts.

Classes are held during school terms

Wednesday 7.30am - 8.30am ($15 per class)

The Essential Movement Pilates. 4/38 Carrington St (next to DragonFly)

Acupuncture Health Clinic