Qi Gong and Meditation are both focused on relaxing the body and mind through gentle movement and breath control.

At first the focus is on basic stretching and strengthening of the whole body in order to relax the muscles and ease the breathing restrictions. Regular practice will deepen your understanding of internal breath pathways and relationship between breath and posture.

The classes are informed by Chinese medical theory and Taoist philosophy giving the exercise depth and sense of purpose. Standing, sitting and walking meditation techniques are introduced to enhance overall health of body, mind and spirit.

The classes are appropriate for all ages and will help you improve flexibility, range of movement, sleep and mental clarity.

Renato is a 6th Generation disciple of Liu He Zi Ran Men under Master Liu Deming. Please visit www.ziranmen.com for more details about the arts.

Classes are held at the clinic during school terms ($15 per class)

Tuesday night: 7-8pm

Wednesday morning: 7.30am-8.30am

Thursday night: 7-8pm

Acupuncture Health Clinic