Each practitioner in our group brings a set of skills specific to their training background but also a wealth of knowledge based on who they are as an individual. What unites us is our shared enthusiasm for growing further as practitioners and human beings, for learning never ends. We hope to be able to help you recover, grow and learn.

Renato Keča available Monday to Friday

AHPRA registered Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine

Special interests: meditation, martial arts, trail running and riding.

Patricia L Tan available Fridays

AHPRA registered Physiotherapist, Cert Acupuncture.

Special interests: tai ji, karate, japanese acupuncture, pediatrics.

Mirabai Martin available Tuesday-Thursday

AHPRA registered Acupuncture

Special interests: trail running, yoga.

Our focus is not only on getting you better but also on keeping you well. We hope that we can guide you through difficult times and offer insight into ways to better look after yourself.

Acupuncture Health Clinic